Handcrafted In Small Batches With Only The Best Wood.

So what makes our maple syrup so delicious, so good and so popular that we can quickly sell out of each year’s fresh new batch? First, we make our maple syrup in small batches. By making our maple syrup in small batches, we finely and precisely control every aspect of the maple syrup process, thereby ensuring only the best trees and the best sap is used to craft every bottle of Boston Post Sugar Shack Maple Syrup.

Next, is the wood. We choose only the woods that have the best combination of heat and aroma so that as the woods burn in our firebox, the wonderfully subtle wood aromas mix gently with the sweet aromas of the maple sugar tree sap, and all of it infuses the maple syrup with an aroma and taste that is unmatched anywhere. And we guarantee it. Making our Boston Post Sugar Shack Maple Syrup the old fashioned way takes months of preparation, many hours in our sugar shack from morning all through the night, and weeks of sleepless nights, yet, we wouldn’t do it any other way. And once you try just one taste of our Boston Post Sugar Shack Maple Syrup, you will not want to have it any other way. We like to tell people that our Boston Post Sugar Shack Maple Syrup is simply… “The best maple syrup you’ve never tasted.” Now it’s time for you to enjoy it.  You’re going to love it and we guarantee it!