I was born June 9, 2019. My mom Alleigh was the first Hereford cow in the barnyard 13 years ago, she had many calves and I am her last born. My mom was actually a little too old to be having more calves, I was a bit of a surprise. Unfortunately, my mom had stepped on her teats and cracked them severely, I was too young to understand that pain that she was going through and she would kick me off from her when I would try to get milk. I was on my third day with her trying to feed and at that point I had zero nutrients. I became very weak too stand up or even pick my head up. The owners of the barn came along and realized I was lying in a manure pile just about to enter calf heaven. I remember briefly a woman’s voice saying “no way Stella Marie you are going to survive this”. I was carried into the barn and force-fed with a bottle. I could not swallow as I was too weak but I remember these people opening my mouth and making sure I would get in my tummy what I thought was my mommas’ milk, it turned out to be Pedialyte for calves. I did not know the difference; all I knew was that I was starting to get a spark. I recall a few weeks of this situation, people coming and going in the barn and I was the focus making sure I had this warm substance, at this point they even substituted my mommas’ milk with calf milk replacer. I remember being transferred to another place and that same familiar voice I heard say I was going to survive this was talking to me again, I knew at that moment this voice was going to be my momma. 

Days and weeks went on and I had an amazing pen with lots of hay and plenty of room to kick my hooves up and remember this lady coming out several times a day to greet me with a warm bottle and talk to me. I regained my strength and every day I would look forward to my momma coming out to visit me. We became very close; she would take me for walks or was I walking her as I had so much energy that I wanted to run. I would even run with no leash as I loved being right beside my momma. 

One day I was brought up on her deck and before my eyes were two very little cats, I thought maybe they wanted to play, I got to meet them nose to nose and all I know is the three of us were very intrigued with each other. Weeks turned into months and I was really loving this life, had a beautiful pink bow in my hair, momma always taking pictures of me and I even got bathed and brushed. We would run two to three times a day together on the nice soft green lawn. I started to get really big and started to even get this yummy sweet tasting grain, I thought to myself, now we are really talking, I am living every calves dream with this warm bottle three times a day and this super yummy sweet grain, WOW, how lucky can a calf be. 

I got so big and so much strength that my owners decided it was okay for me to go back to the barn. I was transported back to the barn, although I did not care for the ride, but it seemed quick and before I knew it, I was in the barn with other cows. I have met some new friends in the barn, one of my best friends is Lola, her and I enjoy our hay and grain together. It’s been eight months and I happy to share with you that I am such a big girl and feel very healthy. 

I still love to hear that voice I heard from day one, when she comes up to me with that familiar smell of perfume, it’s a reminder that is my momma. I am beyond thankful for this life and for being saved although I miss my “cow” momma, I am forever blessed with my momma a.k.a. Bon Bon.